"There is no more lovely, friendly or charming relationship, communion or company, than a good marriage." ~Martin Luther

Friday, 27 January 2012

The Soulsistas Book Giveaway!!! *Now CLOSED*

Happy New year to all our readers (ya we know Jan is nearly ending :)).. We hope you are enjoying your new year so far.

Apart from the book series, which would resume shortly, we intend to bring you more interesting and thought provoking topics relating to Singles and Married as the Spirit leads us.  Our aim is to be a blessing to someone out there with our words. If just one person is imparted and blessed by what God has to say through us then we are very happy.

For the month of February we are excited to bring to you a series themed the "Love Chronicles". We would be hosting some guest (married) bloggers, and they will share some "lovey dovey", fun and serious stuff about marriage. The posts should be up every Wednesday in February, God willing, so look out for these posts. Writefreak and I might also be sharing our stories, lets see how that goes :)

In the mean time, we are having that giveaway we promised a while back! Yay, finally. We are giving out TWO books we love.

The first one is the "Secrets of an Irresistible woman" by Michelle Mckinney Hammon.

This is why she wrote the book (as seen on Amazon)- "No matter where you want to go in life, you've got to have the right directions or you'll never reach your destination. No one going to L.A gets on a plane that's headed for Florida, or takes directions from someone who's never been there. Therefore when it comes to relationships it only makes sense to take directions from the One who mapped out the way to true love. Since sense is not as common as some would like to think, it's safe to say that God's Word, whether you acknowledge Him or not, just makes good sense. And mama made sense too, she might not have known or explained why, but she had a point. Hopefully after absorbing the principles I share in this book, you will use you head as well as your heart, along with a good dose of spiritual discernment to arrive joyfully at your love destination."

Personally I have read the book and I love it!  Most of the principles she shares are common sense principles but like they say common sense isn't common which tells me sometimes we need reminding of some things we already know. The reviews on Amazon are positive as well. I will recommend this book for the single ladies.

The second book is drum rolling- ya you guessed right- "Marriage as God intended" by Selwyn Hughes. You know how much we love this book. We are using it in our current book series study and we just had to give out a copy. This is recommended for either singles or married.

So how can you get either of this book? Simply DO ALL of the BELOW

  1. Leave us a comment below telling us what book you want
  2. Follow us on our blog using Google Connect Friend PUBLICLY so we can identify you. 
  3. Follow us on twitter- @dsoulsistas 
  4. Tweet about this giveaway. Please copy and paste the following text to tweet- "Check out this amazing #book #giveaway on the #soulsistas blog here-"

***Sorry we had to ditch rafflecopter for now. All those who have entered using rafflecopter will still be eligible however please check that you have done all of the above***

The giveaway is eligible to male and female, single or married 18+ in Nigeria, USA, UK/Europe and Canada. If you win either of the books and you are in Nigeria, it might take a while to get it across to you but we will definitely send it on.

This giveaway starts now and ends on Sunday, 12th Feb,  midnight GMT time. Two winners will be selected randomly using and announced on valentine day Tuesday, 14th Feb. All the best people!!!

N.B- A few people have asked me where Writefreak is. Thanks for asking. She is well & alive and should be back with us in full force soon.