"There is no more lovely, friendly or charming relationship, communion or company, than a good marriage." ~Martin Luther

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

We were nominated- Nigeria blog awards

Write-freak and I are so so excited!!! Our Blog From the Heart of SoulSistas Blog got nominated not once but TWICE in the Nigerian Blog Awards... Woooo hoooo!!!!!

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Friday, 12 October 2012

My best friend is getting married to Mr Wrong- What do I do?

Hi friends,

We hope you are doing well?

Please read below. Please can you advise Tara on what to do concerning her best friend? 




 I am 30 years old and I have been married for two years and I have a son. My bestie is the same age as me but isn’t married. We are both Christians.

source: google images
She has dated a few men but it didn’t work out. Her last relationship ended in heart break. She met this man a few months ago and they are already talking marriage. Personally I don’t think this man is good enough for her. I think she is settling for less. Growing up we both had a list for marriage- “must have” and “can’t stand”. We said we would never marry someone who has any of our “can’t stand” characteristics. This man has at least three of her “can’t stand” features! He is not born again (yes he goes to church but I know he isn’t), he smokes socially when with friends (or so he says) and he has been married before with two kids.

I have tried to remind my friend about our lists but she was like that was when we were young and in fairytale land. This is reality and time is ticking. She says the guy loves her (and has a lot of her must have features) and compared to the other guys she has dated even Christians he has been honest with her about himself.

I am shocked my friend is saying all these; I am not even sure about her spiritual life anymore. I think she is angry with God over her past failed relationships. I asked if she is ready to be a step mum and be involved in his former wife’s drama. She said the former wife and children live abroad and won’t be part of their lives. That she is a big girl and can handle it. She doesn't want to talk about it anymore.

I am scared my friend is making the wrong choice out of desperation. I love her and don’t want to see her hurt. But I am happily married with a child and she once said jokingly don’t I want her to join me in married life so we can swap stories. Of course I want her to be married but to the right man. Gosh! That is so not what marriage is about- swapping stories.

How do I get through to my friend? Her parents are late and she is the eldest of her siblings. This guy is rich and has promised to take care of her and her siblings.

Do you think I am over reacting? I don’t want to lose my best friend over this man but I am very worried for her.

Please what do I do?  Thank you


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Healing and Moving on: Are they the Same?

Today we are honored to have a guest post by Maggielola who blogs at I was totally blessed by her wittiness. I hope this post helps someone who needs healing out there.

source: google images

Healing and Moving on: Are they the same? Maybe they are. Indeed we use them interchangeably and rightfully so. But like fraternal twins, one is orobo (fat) and the other is lepa (slim). I say this because they convey the same meaning but sadly, we have collapsed their functions into one word: moving on.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Be Our Guest

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Friday, 10 August 2012

Know Yourself Before You Get Married

"Can two walk together except they agree?" Amos 3.3

source: google images
Knowing yourself is a prerequisite to knowing WHO to marry. When you are truly aware of who you are it will be hard for you to marry Mr. Wrong. 

Knowing yourself helps you know your value and your worth. That way you would not sell yourself short. It will be easy to separate the weed from the chaff (yes we are talking about men)

Getting married shouldn’t be based on sentiments, pity or lofty emotions. In fact I almost see choosing a life partner as a form of business transaction.

Some areas to know about yourself include:

Your Strengths

God has given every single person strengths and abilities. What are you excellent at? What do you do flawlessly? Note them down; if you are not sure ask your friends and family.

In a successful marriage your strengths should complement your partner’s weaknesses e.g. you are good with excel spreadsheets and keeping account of your finances. This will be a great benefit to a man who loves to spend but needs someone to balance the accounts.

Your Weaknesses

These are areas you are struggling with or working on. It does not make sense to marry someone who has similar weaknesses to you. You are heading for doom.

I once dated a guy who was very short tempered. I on the other hand can be hot tempered and quick to vent when I am angry (ya ,ya I am improving, marriage is teaching me! Thanks for your

I saw him angry on a few occasions and let’s just say it was never a pleasant sight. He was a good man and ticked a lot of boxes. However recognising my own weakness, I knew it would be suicidal to marry him. I bowed out as fast as I could.

If you are like me, you want to marry a man that compliments your hot temperedness. Someone who is patient and calm, who can douse your anger when it raises its ugly head.

Can you tell by now I have a calm husband?

Your Passions

What are you passionate about? What gets you going? What keeps you alive and fulfilled? This is another key area you cannot compromise on.

If your intended is not thrilled about your passion or his passion will not make room for you to follow your passion, then think twice before signing the dotted line.

Marriage should benefit both parties not just the man.

You don’t have to be passionate about the same things but the key is in knowing if the man you want to marry will support your passion and not hinder you from fulfilling it.

Your Purpose

This is similar to your passion but is of a higher nature. Your purpose is bigger than you. What is your purpose in life? What is your vision? Will marrying this guy kill your purpose or make it come to live.

What is the man’s vision? Do you see yourself being a part of his vision?

Does he even have a vision? If he doesn’t, um how are you going to help him?Remember a key role of the wife is to be a help-meet to the husband, so he has to have something you are helping him with, right?

When you get married your destiny is tied to the person you marry FOREVER. A lot of marriages are in trouble today because the man and wife have separate visions and there is no common ground. This drives them further apart and before you know it there is resentment and unfufillment in the marriage. Infidelity and Divorce lurk quietly around the corner.

This will not be your story but you have to do the work BEFORE marriage. Invest in knowing yourself and any man that wants to marry you. It will make identifying Mr Right easier.

God has given you wisdom; use it when choosing your life partner.

Marriage is hard work enough; don’t make your life and future any more complicated by marrying someone you are not compatible with

Singles- do you think it is important to know who you are and if you are compartible with someone before marriage?

Married folks- was compartibility a determining factor in choosing your spouse or not?  

We will love to hear from you. Please leave us a comment or question in the comment section below.

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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Sex Interrupted

It is my pleasure to introduce Sarah Teibo the author of "Sex Interrupted", a book highly recommended for every single and even parents.

Sarah and I both worked in Accenture Lagos years ago and I knew her as a very sweet and friendly lady. We kept in touch on and off, and recently met up in the UK again. When I found out she wrote a book on Sex, I was so excited and knew we had to feature her on this blog. Y'all know we are passionate about this subject and we have talked a bit about Sex on this blog here and here.

Ok before I turn this into another blog post, please meet Sarah and what she has to say about her book "Sex Interrupted". Thank you Sarah for agreeing to this interview.



1.     Please tell us about yourself - I am a Certified Accountant and currently work in one of the UKs biggest banks. When I’m not number crunching and trying to proactively manage my stakeholders, I enjoy singing and writing. My writing varies from writing music, to novels, to stage plays and Christian literature. In addition to this, I do a lot of motivational speaking. I am also married with a three year old daughter.
2.     When did you first consider yourself a writer? I first found out about my writing abilities in Secondary School, when I scored high grades for writing original fictional stories. I knew I had the gift, but did not know I would one day call myself a writer.
3.     What books did you read growing up? Pacesetter and Mills and Boon novels. There was hardly any Christian literature that addressed the youth and youthful interests.
4.     What books have influenced your life most? Definitely the Bible
5.     “Sex Interrupted” I love the title- how did you come up with that title? When I finished the first draft, I called it Sex and the Single. However, I wanted something catchy, something that would get people talking without giving too much away. And so Sex Interrupted was born.
6.     Is Sex Interrupted your first book? If not, how many books have you written published and unpublished? It is my first published book. I’m working on a couple of books on relationships at the moment
7.     What is the inspiration behind Sex Interrupted? I was motivated to write Sex Interrupted from my own personal experiences while dating my husband. Resisting the urge to have sex was one of my greatest struggles and in my quest to understand why love could make you do foolish things and how to repress the earnest yearnings of my flesh, I did some studying and research and ended up with the book. I also have a passion for enlightening young people on the truth about sex and to correct the misconceptions some have on this most interesting topic, so felt inspired to share it with the world.
8.     How long did it take you to write your book? Writing the manuscript lasted just under two years
9.     What challenges did you face when writing your book? The biggest challenge was probably writer’s block
10.   So tell us a bit about the book- What genre of book will you categorise your book? Who did you write the book for?    My writing style in Sex Interrupted is very unique in that each chapter starts with a fictional story that many young single people can relate to and then goes on to practical Biblical principles and tips on the topic being addressed. This makes the book fit into quite a number of genres. I would categorise it as ‘Christian’, ‘Relationships’ and ‘Romance’. Issues touched on in the book include pornography, sexual abuse, the reality of the Christian’s struggle, overcoming sexual pressure from within, seduction, and a lot more. The target audience for this book is youth and singles, but I’ve had a number of parents who bought it and came back to me with great feedback, so I would say everyone could benefit from reading it.
11.   Is there a message in your book that you want to pass across to your readers? Abstinence is difficult, but it is possible
12.   Should we expect more books from you? Yes, I am currently working on a fiction novel on relationships
13.   What do you like to do when you're not writing? Watch comedy
14.   For those who would like to buy your book, where can they get it from? The eBook can be ordered from amazon by clicking here the hard copies can also be ordered on amazon by clicking here or by going to (for those in Ghana and Nigeria)

 Sarah can be found on facebook and on her website

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Sexual Purity

A few weeks ago, there was a hot question on Myne’s Blog about Christianity and sex. I read through the comments and was very thrilled and pleased to see that a number of Christians voiced out their opinion against premarital sex. We all know that the subject of premarital sex can be controversial and a lot of people see nothing wrong with it. However more and more young adults are beginning to realise that it is a big deal and it pays to wait till marriage to have sex.
We would not be addressing why premarital sex is wrong today. We already addressed this in the let's talk about sex post. We want to share practical steps on how to avoid falling into the temptation of sexual sin or fornication as the bible puts it when dating/courting.  Many young christians struggle with this issue in their relationships. Society has made us believe it is not possible to abstain from premarital sex or to be sexually pure but that is a lie from the pit of hell. If it were not possible God would not have commanded it. 

These tips are for singles who take sexual purity seriously and want to commit to God, themselves and their future spouse.

Be sure you and your boyfriend are on the same page when it comes to being sexually pure. We don’t believe only the girl in a relationship should be concerned about being sexually pure, both the guy and girl are to be held to the same standards, God's standards. What does sexual purity and sexual sin mean to both of you. Read verses in the bible that talk about sexual immorality and discuss them. Make sure you do this early in the relationship before your emotions start raging high (at this point it will be hard to make any reasonable decisions). If you realise you are both on different pages, then it might be worth reevaluating the purpose of that relationship. Our advice is that you going into a relationship with a fellow christian who is on the same page as you. This will make it easier to overcome sexual sin.

Write out your standards and ask God to help you stick to them. You can make your own purity pledge cards or check google and print one and keep on you. Some singles choose to wear a purity ring or purity necklace or bracelet till they get married. Both of you should be committed to sticking to your pledge however don’t rely on your boyfriend to enforce the standards. If your boyfriend is weak, you have to step up, be strong and nip things in the bud.  
Tell yourself it can happen to you. I think one big problem that dating Christians have is they think it cannot happen to them i.e. falling into sexual sin. As a result, temptation creeps up on them and they are ill prepared. By acknowledging that you are human and you have feelings and that YOU can fall into sexual sin, you can be more prepared and guard yourselves against sin.

Be accountable to others about your relationship. Find a mentor, this could be an older Christian married couple or another Christian dating couple you trust and who takes sexual purity seriously and be accountable to them. When you know you have to report back on your dating affairs to someone that should help keep you in check.

Focus on talking and not on touching. Communication is very essential to the success of a relationship. Talk about anything and everything. The more you talk the more you know about the other person and the more you touch, the less you talk and the less you know about the other person. 
Plan your time together well in advance on activities to do together. Avoid staying indoors for long or in places where you cannot be interrupted. This can be a very conducive atmosphere to fall into temptation. Go out more often, spend time with other dating couples, spend time with family and spend more time in public places. This forces you to do more talking and less touching.  Sleepovers are a no-no or sitting in the car together alone. You are only setting yourselves up for a fall.

This might sound odd but don’t pray together behind closed doors. I have found that praying together makes you feel close and intimate  and could actually lead you to other things you are trying to avoid.

Renew your mind. Sexual purity starts from the mind. What are you feeding your mind on, what books do you read, what TV or Internet programs do you watch, what type of music do you listen to. Feed your mind with the word of God, inspirational books, and edifying materials. I am not saying watching movies is bad but it gets to a point in your christian walk that you find some movies or music unedifying.

Take the relationship sloooooow… When things are moving too fast like a car going out of control, pull the brakes! Ask yourself why the rush, where are we rushing to? Be in control of your relationship and not the relationship in control of you. Time has a way of showing us what really matters. Remember Love is patience

Engaged couples are even more susceptible to premarital sex.  Don’t get engaged till there is a wedding date in sight. Be more on your guard. Avoid tapping into the privileges of marriage before marriage especially sexually. Quarter to marriage is not the same as being married.

If you have fallen into sexual sin, there is still hope for you. The key is not to stay defeated or think oh well, "I might as well continue since I am in it already". No! Repent, ask God to forgive you and restore you back to him. Staying sexually pure is possible. Implement a plan to avoid falling into future temptation, as they will come

God honours sexual purity. A lot of marriages are in trouble today because of the seed of sexual immorality that was sown premarital days. The cost of  sexual impurity is very high and as a child of God do what you must to avoid it.

We would love to hear your tips on staying sexually pure .

God bless

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Can SHE propose?

I’m conservative, old school, probably traditional and most importantly, I base my decisions on God’s word. As a result, I like to think it’s a man’s job to do the asking, it’s the woman’s part to do the answering. I know there might be exceptions to every rule and I’m not even saying this is a rule.

Let’s start from Genesis, God made Adam and then after He had made Adam and given him a job, He made him fall into a deep sleep. He then fashioned a woman out of him. Eve came and then Adam decided she was flesh of his flesh and bone of his bone and called her woman. We can infer that Adam proposed to Eve or well, acknowledged her as his woman.

Go forward a bit in the bible, Abraham told his servant to go and find a wife for his son Isaac among his own people (Gen 24:4). The servant went to Nahor and found Rebecca for Isaac. He then took her back to meet him in Canaan. He did the asking, the woman did the consenting. So many parts of the bible show us how the man asked for the woman’s hand in marriage. “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord” Prov 18:22. Note it says HE.

I tend to think the man is the head of the home, even as the word of God says; ‘the man is the head of the woman...’ (in the context of their home) and if he is the leader, he should be bold enough to ask the woman to be his wife. He is the God ordained physical and spiritual leader and if the woman has to start leading before they are married, it might be pointers to the fact that he might find it hard to step up to his leadership roles in marriage. Also, if a woman pops the question out rightly, a man might feel pressured into making a lifetime commitment.

Of course, I think, a woman can give the man hints if the courtship seems be dragging and he is not making any moves towards marriage. A lady can bring up the topic and see what the man’s reaction is to it. Also if the relationship has a solid foundation, both parties should be open to discussing the issue of marriage. Proposals don’t necessarily have to be the traditional; man drops down on one knee, brings out a ring and asks the woman to marry him in the presence of others’.

In my case, my husband and I had agreed from the word go that we would get married. It was only a matter of ‘right timing’ and as we went along, he constantly reminded me that he wanted me to be his wife. At some point in our relationship, he bought me a ring to make it more formal. When we were going to get married, it was more of a discussion as we had agreed to get married and he had proposed to me way before this time.

It is not expressly written in the bible that a man must seek a woman's hand in marriage but several scriptures point to men making the proposal. Culture also appreciates men making the marriage move. In the old days, the man’s family would go to the woman’s to ask for the hand of the woman in marriage. In fact, in those days, the woman didn’t really have much of a say in whatever family her parents and extended family agree to give her in marriage to.

Having said all of the above, I  realise in life that there are any hard and fast rules really and no two relationships are the same. Nothing signifies that a marriage in which the woman did the asking will be problematic.

It would be nice to hear your opinions and contributions. Do you think a woman can or should pop the question? Is it right? Can it affect the relationship or marriage adversely? We look forward to hearing the thoughts of both our male and female readers. If we can get some real life examples, that would also be great.

Ps: It’s great to be back from my sabbatical. Hopefully I will be around here more often from now on.


Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Questions to Ask Before You Get Married

Unfortunately we won't be featuring our guest blogger for today's love chronicle series due to circumstances beyond all our control.  The post will be up ASAP but in it's place we are featuring extracts from an article we think you would all enjoy. Before marriage we believe you have to do your due diligence and go into it well informed.

This article poses some questions you should ask yourself and intending before tying the knot. The courtship period is meant to get to know each other better in and out. Apart from counseling in church, I remember my hubby and I went over the manual "Before you say 'I do'" by H. Norman Wright and Wes Roberts. It shed a lot of light into our relationship and helped us to ask ourselves questions we didn't think about initially. I definitely recommend that manual.

So we will be sharing some of the key questions from the article with you. If you would like to read the complete article it can be found here.

Are you willing to grow up? Your own maturity level, and that of your spouse, will determine how well you all can work together in marriage and how likely you all will be to stick with your relationship or give up on it. So each of you needs to honestly assess your current spiritual, emotional, social, and financial maturity by reflecting on issues such as how much self-control you each have, how much you respect authority, how much you can say “no” to some activities so you can say “yes” to those that are best for you, how much peace versus drama you have in your relationships with others, how often you keep your promises and follow through on commitments, whether or not you have a job that pays your bills, and whether or not you’re in debt.

Are you “equally yoked”? It’s never God’s will for you to be yoked (tied together) in marriage with someone who’s not a Christian, because a person who’s not connected to Jesus can’t head in the same direction as you can. Don’t deceive yourself into thinking that you can pull an unbelieving spouse closer to Jesus; what happens instead in marriages between believers and unbelievers is that the unbelieving spouse pulls the believing spouse further away from Jesus. Realize that you can fall in love with anyone you happen to be attracted to, but that doesn’t mean that you should marry them.

Have you talked about money? Disclose all of your financial information to the person you’re considering marrying, and expect full disclosure from him or her, too. Talk about how each of you plans to earn, spend, save, give, and invest money if you get married, and why. If you discover that one or both of you doesn’t currently have a healthy budget or healthy money management attitudes or habits, get help and make changes before getting married to save yourselves from having to go through tremendous stress afterward.

Will you commit? Marriage as God designed it requires a lifetime commitment. So you and the person you’re considering marrying should face your fears about that and discuss issues such as how you plan to handle disagreements and crises that may come up in your future marriage, such as illness and job loss. Determine whether or not both of you are willing to trade the lives you have now for a new life together, and whether or not you’re willing to eliminate the option of divorce and keep turning to God for the strength to keep working on your marriage.

Are you compatible? Realize that just because you love someone doesn’t mean that person is a good match for you. Honestly evaluate which personality traits and personal habits you can live with for many decades in a future marriage, and which will drive your marriage apart. Let go of any person who isn’t truly compatible with you to save you both years of heartache.

Have you communicated your expectations? Discuss each of your expectations about married life, such as where you’d live, where you’d go to church, when you’d start trying to have children and how many children you want, and what types of careers and work hours you each hope to have. Since surprising each other after you’re married will cause lots of stress, it’s much better to talk about your expectations beforehand and see if you can reach agreements before committing to married life together.

Are you ready to marry an entire family? Get to know each other’s family backgrounds well, since each of you will carry over the attitudes and behaviors that you learned growing up into the new family that you create together. Pursue healing for issues that concern either of you (such as anger management problems or addictions) and end the dating relationship if you discover character problems (such as a lack of integrity) that the person you’re considering marrying isn’t willing to address.

Are you willing to submit? Each of you must be willing to submit to Jesus in obedience in your life together, to express honor and respect for Him. That means mutually following Jesus’ example of loving service to others. Never try to control each other, but instead choose to serve each other even when doing so is difficult, just as Jesus served others when He was on Earth. Through this process in your future marriage, God will help each of you become more like Jesus.

Will you give respect? You each must also be willing to respect each other – even when you don’t think that the other deserves that respect – because God has made you both and highly values you. By choosing to respect your future spouse when he or she doesn’t deserve it, you can motivate your spouse to change and begin acting in ways that are worthy of respect.

Are you ready to love? Realize that love is an action, not just a feeling. Are you prepared to act in love toward your future spouse, even at times when you don’t like his or her behavior? Some of the ways you’ll need to show your love include listening, protecting, providing, and serving each other, no matter what.

Are you ready to “get naked”? Understand that sexual intimacy within marriage involves far more than just a physical connection; it also calls for a spiritual, emotional, and conversational connection. How do you plan to build the kind of relationship with each other that makes healthy and fulfilling sexual intimacy possible in your future marriage? Discuss that openly and honestly with each other.

Adapted from 12 Questions to Ask Before You Marry,copyright 2011 by Clayton and Charie King.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

"Premarital Sex is wrong" ~ Okeoghene

We are back with another episode of the love chronicles series. Today our guest blogger is Okeoghene. I enjoy reading this lady's blog as I can so relate to it. She seems like a genuine person and I was totally thrilled when she agreed to feature in the love chronicles series. 

I loved the candor of Okeoghene's answers and that God plays an important role in her marriage.  I found it cute that her hubby chipped in on one of the answers :). 

I am particularly grateful that despite being ill, Okeoghene fulfilled her promise to be a part of the series (Get well soon dear!!!).  I hope y'all enjoy this interview as much as I did.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

God has a way of making things (even mistakes) work out for our good

Today's love story is from Geebee, a male guest blogger this time around. I must confess I struggled a bit with the questions to ask Geebee as his story is um different from what I am used to (and I don't mean that in a bad way) and quite eventful! I love this guy's sincerity & openess and I am truly touched that he agreed to share his love story with us.  I learnt a few things- one of which is not everyone's love story is the same, not everyone's love story is simple and direct. Also I was reminded that despite our mistakes, God still loves us and is working everything out for our good IF we turn back to him..
Oh let me stop blabbing, I present to you Geebee!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Soulsista Book Giveaway winners are.....!!!!

We are excited to present the winners of the two books.

First up Marriage as God intended.
The winner is Le Dynamique Professor!!!!

1 tml
2 Good Naija Girl
3 Rebecca Stone
4 Le Dynamique Professor
5 Geebee
6 Emaleecious
7 jhazmyn
8 Tonilicious
9 Pmm2u
10 Miss Onakz
11 beulah
12 Valerie Taylor

Secrets of an irresistible woman
The winner is MissPweddyface

1 ilola
2 1 + The one
3 MissPweddyface
4 Sheeze
5 purehrtt555
6 dosh
7 Daniel M
8 EsteribyEnii


Le Dynamique Professor and MissPweddyface- congratulations!!!!!

Please email us at with your mailing address within 48 hours . If we don't hear from you by then, the book will be passed on to someone else :)

Happy Valentine's day everyone. May the Love of God abide with us now and always.

See you all tomorrow at the next love chronicles series.. I promise you, you don't want to miss this particular love story :)

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Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Soulsistas giveaway is now closed!!!

Thank you to everyone who participated.

The winner will be announced on Valentine's day Feb 14.

Watch out for the announcement!!

Have a great week and see you back here for the next love chronicles story on Feb 15.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Lots of sex keep our marriage alive ~ Mrs T

We are thrilled to bring you today's guest blogger on the Love chronicles Series- a blogger who choses to remain anonymous. We would refer to her as "Mrs T".  She shares with us about the importance of hearing from God before getting married, that love distance relationships can work, that marriage proposals can happen via email and that lots of sex in marriage can spice up a dry marriage. Very important ;o)  Thank you, Mrs T for sharing your love life with us. 

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

"Marriage is a beautiful thing"- Gbemi Adekoya

As promised, today we start off the Love Chronicles series!!! Writefreak and I are so excited!!! :)
We are honoured to have Gbemi who blogs at kick off the series.
I was very delighted when she agreed to let us into her love life with her man. I smiled as I read her story as I could see a lot of similarities between myself and her. I hope you enjoy her story as I have and I am sure she'll be willing to answer any questions you have for her.
Here goes!

Friday, 27 January 2012

The Soulsistas Book Giveaway!!! *Now CLOSED*

Happy New year to all our readers (ya we know Jan is nearly ending :)).. We hope you are enjoying your new year so far.

Apart from the book series, which would resume shortly, we intend to bring you more interesting and thought provoking topics relating to Singles and Married as the Spirit leads us.  Our aim is to be a blessing to someone out there with our words. If just one person is imparted and blessed by what God has to say through us then we are very happy.

For the month of February we are excited to bring to you a series themed the "Love Chronicles". We would be hosting some guest (married) bloggers, and they will share some "lovey dovey", fun and serious stuff about marriage. The posts should be up every Wednesday in February, God willing, so look out for these posts. Writefreak and I might also be sharing our stories, lets see how that goes :)

In the mean time, we are having that giveaway we promised a while back! Yay, finally. We are giving out TWO books we love.

The first one is the "Secrets of an Irresistible woman" by Michelle Mckinney Hammon.

This is why she wrote the book (as seen on Amazon)- "No matter where you want to go in life, you've got to have the right directions or you'll never reach your destination. No one going to L.A gets on a plane that's headed for Florida, or takes directions from someone who's never been there. Therefore when it comes to relationships it only makes sense to take directions from the One who mapped out the way to true love. Since sense is not as common as some would like to think, it's safe to say that God's Word, whether you acknowledge Him or not, just makes good sense. And mama made sense too, she might not have known or explained why, but she had a point. Hopefully after absorbing the principles I share in this book, you will use you head as well as your heart, along with a good dose of spiritual discernment to arrive joyfully at your love destination."

Personally I have read the book and I love it!  Most of the principles she shares are common sense principles but like they say common sense isn't common which tells me sometimes we need reminding of some things we already know. The reviews on Amazon are positive as well. I will recommend this book for the single ladies.

The second book is drum rolling- ya you guessed right- "Marriage as God intended" by Selwyn Hughes. You know how much we love this book. We are using it in our current book series study and we just had to give out a copy. This is recommended for either singles or married.

So how can you get either of this book? Simply DO ALL of the BELOW

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***Sorry we had to ditch rafflecopter for now. All those who have entered using rafflecopter will still be eligible however please check that you have done all of the above***

The giveaway is eligible to male and female, single or married 18+ in Nigeria, USA, UK/Europe and Canada. If you win either of the books and you are in Nigeria, it might take a while to get it across to you but we will definitely send it on.

This giveaway starts now and ends on Sunday, 12th Feb,  midnight GMT time. Two winners will be selected randomly using and announced on valentine day Tuesday, 14th Feb. All the best people!!!

N.B- A few people have asked me where Writefreak is. Thanks for asking. She is well & alive and should be back with us in full force soon.