"There is no more lovely, friendly or charming relationship, communion or company, than a good marriage." ~Martin Luther

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Marriage as God intended

During the premarital counselling session my husband and I attended about 4 years ago in church, my pastor used the book "Marriage as God intended" by Selwyn Hughes as a lesson guide. The book was full of profound words I promptly got a copy after the classes so I could refer to the book again.  I dug out the book just recently to read again and I thought it would be a good idea for us to share some key points from the book over the next few weeks with our readers.

I recommend the book to singles, those about to get married and even those that are already married.  It covers resolving conflict, adjusting to parents and in- laws, how not to fall into adulterous sin by remarrying, extra-marital affairs. In short it covers the factors that effect and affect a marriage.

So that it doesn't appear like I am biased or making things up, here are some reviews on the book I found online:

"This book is wonderful! I have found this the best book I have read on marriage. It addresses many important areas including communication and in-laws. It has a peace pact and a very constructive way of dealing with conflict. This is a must-have book for those who are in a relationship, engaged, or married. There is so much to be learnt from this book for both believers and non believers. I could not recommend this book more highly."

"A very practical book based on the many real examples of couples seeking marriage counselling. It helps to prepare couples, particularly Christians to get ready for their married life. For non-Christians, this book also helps both sides to understand more about different important aspects in marriage, like in-laws, roles, communication, etc and suggested practical ways to improve things or avoid big mistakes. Highly-Recommended. I was given one when doing the marriage preparation and bought one for a good friend who's getting married."
Some of you might know the late Selwyn Hughes. He is the author of "Everyday with Jesus" Devotionals. He has written such amazing and inspiring daily devotionals. 

If you have a copy of the book you can read along and share your thoughts. Alternatively, you could check if your local library has a copy that you can borrow (not sure if local libraries exist in Nigeria). Or better still buy the book! I promise you the book is worth having in your library. 

We haven't figured out what day of the week we would be writing the posts but it would most likely be up on the weekends for the next couple of weeks. Writefreak and I would be sharing different chapters so watch this space!

God bless



  1. I enjoyed the Everyday with Jesus series by Hughes, didn't know he wrote on marriage too. Sounds good.

  2. Oh are you going to do sort of a book club? It sounds like a book worth reading!

    I found a book at my parents' house called What I Wish I'd Known before I Got Married by Kay Cole James (who I've never heard of) but the book is in the Christian Living genre so I want to read that.

  3. @Myne- yes the guy is phenomenal. may his soul rest in peace

    @GNG- i guess u can tag it as a book club type
    the Kay Cole James book sounds interesting

  4. That sounds like a very inspiring book.
    I agree we need constant reminder and advice on keeping our marraige. The devil does not like christian marraiges wne will do anything to break it up. We have to pray constatntly as the ememy is seeking who he may devour

  5. I used to read our daily bread, but now i read this YouVersion application on my itouch. Sounds like a good book though.

    Aloted!! nothing just felt like screaming your name lol. How have thou been?


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