"There is no more lovely, friendly or charming relationship, communion or company, than a good marriage." ~Martin Luther

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Soulsista Book Giveaway winners are.....!!!!

We are excited to present the winners of the two books.

First up Marriage as God intended.
The winner is Le Dynamique Professor!!!!

1 tml
2 Good Naija Girl
3 Rebecca Stone
4 Le Dynamique Professor
5 Geebee
6 Emaleecious
7 jhazmyn
8 Tonilicious
9 Pmm2u
10 Miss Onakz
11 beulah
12 Valerie Taylor

Secrets of an irresistible woman
The winner is MissPweddyface

1 ilola
2 1 + The one
3 MissPweddyface
4 Sheeze
5 purehrtt555
6 dosh
7 Daniel M
8 EsteribyEnii


Le Dynamique Professor and MissPweddyface- congratulations!!!!!

Please email us at with your mailing address within 48 hours . If we don't hear from you by then, the book will be passed on to someone else :)

Happy Valentine's day everyone. May the Love of God abide with us now and always.

See you all tomorrow at the next love chronicles series.. I promise you, you don't want to miss this particular love story :)

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  1. Really crying now. *sobs*

    But happy for the winners all the same

  2. YAY! I have never won a give away before. This must be a gift from God to me! WOW! I am so overwhelmed. Thank you so much!

    - LDP

  3. LDP - Congrats!!!

    I now know this site, so I'm next in line for a gift... :)

  4. LDP - Congrats!!!

    I now know this site, so I'm next in line for a gift... :)

  5. OMG!!! I can't believe I won. Just like LDP, I've never won a giveaway before. This is so amazing. Thanks to the Soul Sistas. You guyz are awesome.

  6. Congratulations to the winners...I'm sure the books will be a great blessing to you both!

  7. I have one word for u and LDP......RIGGED!!!!!!!

    LOL, congrats aburo mi, you deserved it :)

    1. I rigged it spiritually! haha. Thank you ma.

      - LDP


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