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Monday, 19 January 2009

Shout out from the soul sistas

Hi Y'all!

So we thought long and hard about this and we've decided to host a blog together! Yipee! We are two friends, aloted and writefreak who share the same core values and principles. We've walked different roads in life and we are willing to share from our heart. We aspire to be role models to other sistas especially singles. We believe we can make a difference and that someone's heart can be touched by our words.

The aim is to make this blog interactive, so please send in your questions or if you have a particular topic you want us to discuss or you want to throw open, please do not hesitate to contact us through our profile emails. We'll try and find the answers even if we don't readily have them.

Our principles are biblical based as we believe that the bible is God's manual for our lives. We are not ashamed of the gospel of Christ. To put your mind at rest, we will be real and down to earth. This is a FUN ZONE! :)

Brodas! we are certainly not leaving you out. We want to hear from you as we would like to know your thoughts on issues we discuss. Always good to have a broda's point of view.

Welcome to our world, we wish you a pleasant stay and hope you are blessed!

With Love,

Soul Sistas


  1. I'm really looking forward to this! I think this will be a great collaboration, and I hope that you will have lots to offer me, single woman that I am :)

    (Yes o, it's all about me!)

  2. Good idea! More ideas and inspiration to you sisters. I'll be looking to learn a thing or two :)

  3. Nice one here o...its good to see more n more collabo blogs comin up...will be watching n waiting to see what yall have comin up even tho I is a broda...

  4. Trust us, even if you don't invite us, we shall be there. Nice concept, keep it up.

  5. Beautiful...I like the collabo thing...

  6. Two good cooks in the same kitchen.... Hmmmm .. the potential is limitless...

  7. Nice.... off to edit my blog roll.

  8. Whao! This is awesome! Congratulations on the joint blog!

  9. great idea..some people think you have to be a pastor or a president before making an impact in your generation..keep the fire burning...muah

  10. Good one!
    Very inspiring, Praying we would all find the time spent on your blog rewarding!
    More grace! More power!

  11. Thank you all for visiting our new blog!
    @ GNG
    By God's grace, will have good stuff for's all about you babe! lol

    Amen...hope we have things to offer an old married lady like

    Brodas are surely welcome!

    @Dayo gbeborun!

    Thank you...looking forward to your readership

    I blush at you calling us great, thank you

    see ya around....

    Thank you!

    thank you...we can only change the world one person at a begins with you!

    thank you...we pray so too. Amen

  12. me sure looking forward to this 'union'

  13. @Writefreak: Danny said you were good cooks, not great cooks! ;)

  14. YAY!!! refreshing...!!!
    Can't wait to learn!!!

  15. @ Uzezi
    thank you, hope our 'union' leaves you blessed!

    you cheeky lady! lol...i thought i saw great, must be my mind...i don't think

    Thanks dear, hope we can share and learn from one another

  16. Nice idea, will keep an eye on this one.

  17. Two great writers in one! just like buying one and getting one free. i will on this train and will be getting my questions ready

  18. Wow! I love your template! I will be back! Congrats! x

  19. @Original Mgbeke
    thanks dear, will love to see you back

    Ok now i'm blushing. Danny called us good cooks, you called us two great writers...thank you. Pls let's have your questions! thank you

    thanks dear. aloted did a good job getting this one!

  20. Soul sistas on the rock. Rocking with Christ. Am on board!

  21. im surprised the guys ae already flooding in...say girls....2 for tht mata and guys flock in.

  22. yay!!!!!!!!!!!! im excited! i will be sending questions

  23. This sounds very interesting and I am sure alot of us will learn from this...

    Welldone ladies...

  24. @ standtall
    Welcome on board sistah!

    no mind the guys o! they want to see what we ladies are up to...hehehe...although we sorta invited them

    we're very excited ourselves...please let's have your questions! they will be treated with the utmost reverence! lol

    thanks a lot...hope we can all learn from one another

  25. me and my public computers!!!jus couldnt help but leave a comment.
    nice collabo,hope to read ur 1st topic soon.i am guessing it will be on abstinence.dont do "ojoro" and change ur mind

  26. sorry writefreak I had to step in here.

    @QMoney- lol..first topic coming up soon and no it is not on abstinence...haba...easy girl! hehehehe

  27. Wow! Great idea! Looking forward to more posts...

  28. Very thoughtful idea of the two sisters, its fun when bloggers take risk and do something new. Wow!!! I need to announce on my blog what you all are doing. I am sure people would love to read this blog. Why singles only? I am not married o but in a good relationship. That is not fair.

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. @aijay
    Thanks dear..hope to see you around!

    Don't worry hon, you're very included. We only emphasised the singles but I can assure you we've all got a lot to learn from each other...thanks, yes, pls announce on your blog!u

  31. Im sure to be a regular here!

    U know, now that i think about it, both of u remind me of eachother..sorta

  32. Im sure to be a regular here!

    U know, now that i think about it, both of u remind me of eachother..sorta

  33. What?
    WIth all this 'sissyish' theme around this blog, if any guy come in here, the guy fall my hand.

    That exclude me of course.
    I'm just making sure y'all have the male perspective on things.

  34. Hi Soul sistas. Good work. Can i suggest that you open this to more ppl. ie put this blog on FB. alot of sistas need to hear this.

    God bless u n ur homes.

  35. Anonymous: When you say put this blog on fb, what do you mean?


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